With this swing you can swing anywhere where you want. And is easy to store.

Step 1: Materials You'll Need

- 2 wooden beams

- 1 rope with a minimum length of 30meter

- 2 metal hooks (picture)

Step 2: Wooden Beams

1) Make 1 or 2 surfaces of the wooden beams flat.

2) Drill 2 holes of Ø10 at the ends of the wooden beams.

Step 3: Ropes Tying Together

1) Cut 2 pieces of rope of about 50 cm

2) Put the ropes in the holes of the wooden beams and knot them

3) Make with a noose on both sides the pieces of 50 cm fixed to each other as in the picture

4) Instal the mechanical part like I do on the picture.

Step 4: Bag

Make a bag, ist very simple to take away.

Step 5: How to Instal?

- Take the swing out of the bag

- Throw the swing over a random horizontal beam

- Instal the rope with the metal piece

- Swing!!

Step 6: Manual

Step 7: Video: How to Use

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