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After my second baby was born last year November, I decided to build an indoor playground also to fulfill the dream I had when I was little. So I started with wooden slide that I saw on Jupiduu website, these colorful slides are elegant in shape and form but high in price and they are not big slide to satisfy all children's fun. So I hunkered down the slide as my first indoor renovation project.

ie: the slide is only made for personal fun, no implication with Jupiduu's slide or what so ever.

Step 1: Cutting Up Pieces

Jupiduu slide's length is 145cm and height is 68cm,

to make bigger slide, i purchased 2 pieces of size available 90cmx180cm multi-ply wood board (around 1.8cm thick),and follows the design I had to cut out each pieces as the photo shows. The size makes a total length of 200cm , 73cm tall and 55cm in width more steadier slide.

Step 2: Insert Nuts and Drill Holes

I don't know how to call this nut, but it has both inner and outer thread, this allows easier assembly than wooden screw as you can screw tight and unscrew these boards effortlessly. So I drilled holes to the sides of each board, and insert these nuts to them. I also drilled holes to the 2 side L shape boards to meet nuts' location accordingly.

Step 3: Putting Up All Pieces Together

Once nuts are in and holes are drilled correctly, then assembly the rest is effortless.

Step 4: Apply Skin

This step is to apply skin to the sliding piece so to make it smoother and less friction to slide. Type of skin that i chose has already had adhesive on its back and smooth surface at the front. Cutting out a rough area to cover the board, with one man pulling one end, the other use a scraper and starts to scrape the skin on the other end. I did a good job with no bubbles left behind, and trim the edges with a cutting knife.

Step 5: Adding Protection EVA Bumper

This is the final step, by adding EVA bumper allows safer playing environment to children.

Hope you enjoy this instructable,



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    4 days ago

    what's the nuts dimension pls?


    Question 1 year ago

    Hi there! I would luke to make this for my son but i have 2 questions. What is the 'skin' called? Did you use a specific brand that you are willing to share? And also, where did you find the EVA bumper? Can these be found at the hardware store? I just dont know what to ask for so i was hoping to find out the specific product names / brands? Thank you so much!


    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Hi.what type of skin did you use?where did you buy it from?


    Question 1 year ago

    Great one, if only my basement was finish...
    Anyhow, what material did you used for you "skin" and what would be your (your child) feedback regarding it.
    Also, would that be a typo or you are really using 2 man:
    "out a rough area to cover the board, with one man pulling one end, the other use a scraper"

    1 answer

    Answer 1 year ago

    It is this kind of artificial sticker( i think it is made of PVC) that you normally can see on wooden furniture. It has adhesive on the back and various wooden grain pattern, plain colors you can choose from. Yes, two men are needed, one pulls one end with both hands so to tension the sheet, the other man starts to scrape trapped air out of the sticker. .


    Reply 1 year ago

    He mentions it’s approximately 1.8cm thick, so that would be 3/4” plywood I would imagine.
    Neat design and surely cheaper than buying even a plastic indoor slide. I have never seen those fasteners before though; interesting.


    Reply 1 year ago

    I take that back; I guess you can buy a cheap plastic indoor slide cheaper than you could build this.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Can get plastic slide and it's cheap,but cannot guarantee the size of it


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Nice project! What are the dimensions of the top, slide and staircase sections?

    This is really cool. It has a cool sleek/modern look to it. I'll have to keep this is mind for later in life when I have a kid.

    1 reply