This surfboard is amazing. Our fine technique and time is priceless. We guarantee this will be a functioning surfboard and its still fabulous nonetheless.  The surfboard we made had an intriguing twist to it, it was SHARKBITTEN.


This surf board is not material intensive whatsoever. All you need are a couple of things. You will need:

2 tri-fold cardboard
Red paint, Yellow paint, and Black paint
Exacto knife 
Cardboard foam

Step 2: Step 1: Cutting

Cut the elegant cardboard into an awesome carefully cut surfboard. This will take about less than ten minutes.

Step 3: Step 2: Paint and Add Bite Mark

Cut out the size of the amazing SHARK BITE and shape of the bite mark. Then paint the beautiful surfboard with the choice of your colors or our beautifully picked out premium paint.

Step 4: Step 3: Durability

The most important step to making this surboard functional is this step. You will need:

Cardboard foam

Cut your cardboard foam into evenly cut strips based on the size of your surfboard. You will then need a premium strong and durable glue. Then attach the strips to the back and WALLAH you have your durability feature complete!

Step 5: Step 4: Add Design

As you finish those last steps you start to see a great SHARK BITTEN surf board come to life and the best part is ITS DURABLE. It can hold the weight of the two girls you see in the picture and since their can easily hold 1000 pounds



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    What does your dad say when he finds out that you have been in his toolbox?

    I would think the "worlds best shark bitten surfboard" would incorporate an actual surfboard.

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