As a frequent drawer, I like using 9" x 12" paper I get from my local print shop.The only problem is the sheets don't fit any clipboards for portability...

...except this one I made myself.

For tools you can count on one hand AND NO MONEY WHATSOEVER, you can make one too!

Step 1: Your Tools

Here is the ridiculous number of tools you will need for this massive project.

-A large piece of sturdy cardboard or two

-Good,sharp scissors


-Glue(more on that later)

-Ruler (not pictured and COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.)

Step 2: Cut the Damn Cardboard!

Although I eyeballed it, you probably should measure a 10" x 13" rectangle on your cardboard sheet, then cut it as neatly as you can with your scissors.

If your cutout is too floppy or bendy, cut another rectangle, this time making sure the "grain" goes the other way, basically one with the lines going up & down, and the other going left & right.

Then just glue 'em together.

Step 3: Clothespins!

Once you've made sure that your cardboard is nice, stiff,& sturdy, use some good clothespins at the top to hold your paper!

EXTRA CREDIT: Use hot glue or super glue to attach the clothespins to the board.

Step 4: Art Time!


You just built a portable clipboard for art & stuff!

Now you can load some paper in and draw, or better yet, just take a nap!



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