(UPDATED!) Crack Any Wi-Fi Network With Dumpper




Intro: (UPDATED!) Crack Any Wi-Fi Network With Dumpper

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for ANYTHING you do with the knowledge and/or tools provided in this Instructable! Always get the permission of the network owner BEFORE you try to hack their network!

Got an annoying neighbor? Want to test the security of your home or business Wi-Fi network? Interested in becoming an ethical hacker? Well, in this tutorial, I will be showing you how to break into Wi-Fi networks that use basic WPS.

Step 1: Prerequisites

In order to use this method to crack WiFi, you must have a few things:

1. Dumpper.exe

2. WpsWin.exe

3. Dumpper Language Pack

4. Windows XP or higher operating system

Download Dumpper, WPSwin and Language Pack here:


(your antivirus may pick up one of the programs as a virus, but that is a false positive. These are well trusted programs, look them up.)

Step 2: Preparing Your Programs

In order for your WPS cracking setup to work, you must put all three programs (WPSwin.exe, Dumpper.exe, and Dumpper Language Pack) in the same directory (for example, all on the desktop). Once all programs are in the same directory, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Selecting Your Target

Go ahead and open up The Dumpper Language Pack. This adds a Language tab to Dumpper, so that you don't have to learn Spanish to use it. When you open the language pack, nothing will appear, just wait 10 seconds. Now go ahead and open Dumpper, you will see a blue window and a prompt in Spanish. Close the prompt, click the "Language" tab at the top of the program, and click on your language of choice. Then go back to the first tab, select your wireless adapter of choice from the drop-down box, and press the Scan button. If only one or two networks come up in the blue box at first, click the scan button again until you see all of your Wi-Fi networks in range. Then click the "WPS" tab at the top of the screen. You will see a second scan button near the bottom of the screen, click it until you see a network you would like to hack. Make sure that the "Wps version" on the right list says "00" next to it, or else this method may not work. Once you find a suitable target, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Let's Get Cracking!

Once you have found a suitable target network in the last step, click on its name under the WPS tab. The network you have clicked will be highlighted in bright blue, signifying that it is ready to crack! Right under the scan button at the bottom of the screen, you will see a "WpsWin" button. Click on it and you will see some text appear in the smaller blue box. Wait until the text changes. If you see "Incorrect pin" or another message in red text, you have failed and the network is not Dumpper vulnerable. However, if your computer connects to the network, success! You have cracked a Wi-Fi network. If successful, the password will also show in the blue box.

Step 5: That's It!

Go ahead and celebrate - you have gained full access to a network, most likely in under an hour! If you enjoyed, please leave a comment and favorite! Thanks!



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    9 months ago

    THe network tab shows all the network available but wps tab do not


    11 months ago

    Can the admin of the wifi network trace that you hacked the networ?