Introduction: WR5

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This is my newest weapon. It's a combination of a pistol and a rifle. Well, sort of.
It has a detachable mag that shoots gray connectors and that never jams.
My best looks so far. Shoots 30-35 ft. with one # 64.
Detachable mag
True trigger
Awesome looks
Never jams
Great war weapon
So there you go!
Before people start saying that this looks like my JDM-ASTR,
I'd like to say I don't really want people to do that, mainly
because my JDM-ASTR is bad.



Step 1: Handle and Trigger

Handle and  trigger. Pretty easy as far as I'm concerned.
Don't worry about the special parts inside.

Step 2: Barrel

Barrel. Tell me if you need any help.

Step 3: Mag

This is the magazine. It's a little jiggly.
But It's easy.

Step 4: The Guts

These are the guts. They make the gun work.
Top is the ram and bottom is the pusher.

Step 5: Band Placement

One band on the pusher, one on everything.
By the way, your done!!



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    13 Discussions

    There's numerous ways you could improve this, but it's still pretty cool either way.

    guys, give me a pic of a slide action version of this gun.

    You know I actually like the simplicity of the design. It looks pretty good for something simple. True it's not exactly war material but still a decent gun.

    This is your best yet, but its still not up to par with the pistols that have been posted lately.