WS2812B Breakout Board




Introduction: WS2812B Breakout Board

This is just a simple use for WS2812B LED's

Step 1:

Really not much of an ible. And my first. I had a bunch of bare WS2812B LEDs I wanted to play with but they are not breadboard friendly. So I had some perf board with individual pads on the bottom. I pushed two sets of male pins into a breadboard for stability. Broke off a piece of perfboard. Put it on the free ends of the pins and put the WS2812B inbetween then. Held them in position with my SMD clamp and soldered it to the pins. The pins were also soldered to the pads. Now I have a 2 wide breakout board that fits my breadboard.



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4 Discussions

Oh geez, thanks, I brought like 50 of these without know how realy tiny they are

Time to dig out my breadboard :) thanks Leonelf possible a Raspberry Pi ?

yes it does, but you need a microcontroller w/ good timing for it (Arduino, Teensy etc,)