Embordering a WVU Headband

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I already had this headband and it was looking kinda sad, so I decided to emborder it with our favorite college team WVU!

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Step 1: Set Up and Uploading Design

I programed my machine with the WVU logo and set the headband in the embordering hoop with the tear away sheet. The easiest part now is pressing the start button and watching the machine work.

Step 2: Embordering

The best part of embordering your own stuff is being able to choose your own colors of the design. I used gun metal gray for the majority of the design and yellow for the outline. The gray part of the logo took about 10 minutes to do.

Step 3: Switch Colors

After the gray part was finished I had to switch colors for the outline. (a disaventage of a smaller embording machine) The outline was finished with in minutes.

Step 4: WVU Winter Headband

WVU headband is done and ready to be worn.

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