WWII Ration Cake




Introduction: WWII Ration Cake

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This recipe from World War II was made when rationing was a big issue. It was made to not use eggs and dairy.

Right now, I don't have pictures. Sorry. I will try to upload some soon.

Step 1: Recipe

This recipe is very simple and easy. if you follow these directions, it should work out well. It's best to use a 9 x 13 pan, but the recipe used 2 regular loaf pans. But, either one will work fine. Also, the hot water doesn't need to be hot because you're going to boil it anyways.

Anyways, enjoy your cake!



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    2 Discussions

    I am interested in trying this recipe, because I love things from history.

    Have you baked these cakes? I am wondering how hot the "2 cups hot water" needs to be if you're going to be boiling it in the first step, and how hot it should be when you add "1 tsp hot water" to the cooled mixture.

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    I did make this cake, and the hot water in both steps doesn't need to be hot. the boiling takes care of the first part, and the cake needs to be warm to the touch before you add the leavening and other ingredients after you boil it. Also, it bakes ok at 350, but you need to watch it. that's something I forgot to mention.