Wacom Stylus Ink Pen

Introduction: Wacom Stylus Ink Pen

I was given a broken, no longer working Wacom Stylus pen, in particular this model Intuos3/Cintiq 21UX Grip Pen. I wanted to tear apart the pen and play around with the hardware, but I came up with this idea when I was thinking about what to do with the shell of the stylus. My goal was to make this project cheap so I used what was around my house and so should you. Basiclly dont throw away your old broken stylus turn them into cool usable pens.

-Stylus Pen
-Epoxy or Glue
-Razor Blade Pen
-Disposable Bic Pen

Also I did this with one desktop lamp and a iphone so the photos are not the greatest but it should be pretty straight forward.

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Step 1: Take the Stylus Apart

The click button on the side easily pops off, use your razor blade if you have any trouble.

Screw off the tip of the pen, see the photo.

Pull the off rubber piece off the pen.

Now the tricky part is to separate the pen in the middle you may be able to do it with your hands if not use some pliers to help you.

Pull the hardware out of its shell.

Step 2: Prepare Shell for Ink Pen

For this next step, use your razor blade pen to cut the tip of stylus.The plastic tip of the stylus was very easy to cut. I didnt really meause i just eyed it and cut in small increments till the ball point pen fit. I didnt show the steps for extrating the ball point pen but it is very simple, it slides right out of the pen.

I then used my razor blade pen to thin out the walls on the tip so the ball point pen can slip right in.

Step 3: Time to Glue the Pieces

This step is very simple take any epoxy or glue you may have around the house, if you dont have any get some, its great to have around the house for small repairs. Put some glue on the ball point pen, (see photo) slide it in, wipe away the excess glue, and use some tape to allow it to set and dry. With the other side you will need to glue it, slip it back in thought the inside out, wipe away the excess glue, and tape it down to allow it set and dry.

Step 4: Put It Back Together

Once all the pieces are glue in place and have finished drying, put it all back together and you now have a Stylus Ink Pen. Next time you stylus breaks turn it into a cool pen.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea. The only pen i find comfortable to use is the BIC Crystal fine, and it looks ugly.
    If i ever get a hold of a broken stylus i'll be sure to turn it into a casing for a pen!