Waddle Bot - K'nex Biped

Introduction: Waddle Bot - K'nex Biped

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A funny little 2 legged walking K'nex robot that is powered by a single motor.

This is the next development from my ShuffleBot who has now learnt to walk on his own 2 legs (well waddle/amble anyway).
He is by no means fast, but he is a plucky little fella and will reach his destination in the end.
I attempted to add a reciprocating weight connected to the front motor axle (to try and simulate human weight transfer through the hips) but unfortunately the weight either pulled him over or the track interfered with the legs.
The ability to walk is greatly improved if the main (red) horizontal rod is kept level (as shown in the video) with was the main reason for him having wheels when he was ShuffleBot.

But what the hey! He walks with 2 legs!!  


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Step 1: Legs

Let's get started!
Just so you know, the numbers on the left hand side refer to the order of the pictures.

1&2. Okay, so you will want to make one of each of these, they are the main part of the legs

3&4 One of these too, the rear feet.

5. Now rap elastic bands around the ends of the rods, this will give little Waddlebot more grip.

6&7. Attach the parts together like so. Note the directions of the rear feet and the tan clip on the leg.

8. Make 2.

9. Make 2.

10. Add a tan clip on a white rod as shown.

Step 2: Motor Housing

So at the moment you just have legs and a motor and battery pack flopping all over the shop, luckily for you I know of a way to fix that.

1. Take a blue rod and pass it through the holes in the motor and battery pack, fix this in place with 2 dark grey connectors at either end.

2. Push a blue rod through the horizontal axle and put on a tan clip either side (make sure they are on opposite sides of the rod) and then push on 2 small wheels.

3. Construct uno.

4. Slide a red rod through the rear loops of the motor and battery casings. Now clip what you just made onto the rod, with one yellow connector either side in the orientation shown.

5. Now pop 2 dark grey connectors either side of the rod like this.

6. Make one of these.

Attach it like this, it is there to secure the rest of the frame.

Step 3: Completion

Eh, just lost this whole step, rewrite.

1. Slide on the knee joint.

2. Clip on a dark grey connector.

3. Slide on this piece.

4. Clip on a yellow connector like this.

5. Now take the leg, making note of the direction of the tan clip and slide it on as shown.

6. Push the tan clip into the hole in the wheel.

Repeat these steps for the other side.

7&8. It should now look like this.

You are finished!!

To make him waddle, just add batteries and flick the switch to turn the motor ANTI-CLOCKWISE.

Now watch him waddle off into the sunset.

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3 years ago

Might use the mechanism for an AT-ST ^.^ Nice little build!


3 years ago

I had to modify it to have a geen motor because I don't have the motor you have


8 years ago on Introduction

Just built it, moves slow, but it's really cool! Me likes.


I should make a weight-shifter.... Those are tricky, LOL this is a great little shuffle bot


8 years ago on Introduction

This is neat. I wish I had a motor to build things like this. Well done, sir.