Waffle Balls




Introduction: Waffle Balls

Waffle balls (or pancake balls) was something I decided to try by using a cake pop maker and pancake mix. Waffle balls are great for little kids especially because they instead of having a parent cut up a child's waffle/pancake, it is already in bite size pieces for them! They are also easy to dip! They also do not cost to much because you basically just need waffle/pancake mix, water, and a cake pop maker.

Step 1: What You Will Need

What you need: -cake pop maker -waffle mix -water -nonstick spray -chocolate chips (optional)

Step 2: Getting Started

First, get out your cake pop maker. Make sure your the cake pop maker is clean before you use it. Then, spray it with the nonstick spray so that the waffle balls come out easier. DO NOT PLUG THE CAKE POP MAKER IN YET!

Step 3: Time for the Mix

Now you will start to make the pancake mix. Follow the instruction on the pancake mix container. In my case all you have to do is add water. Then, if wanted, add chocolate chips to the mix.

Step 4: Pour It In

Now you are going to pour the mix into the holes of the cake pop maker. Remember to fill the holes all the way to the top with the pancake mix. Once all of the mix is in and ready, you can plug in the cake pop maker.

Step 5: Almost Done

Now all you have to do wait for the cake pops to finish and ten scoop them out. You want them to be in there for about 2 min.

Step 6: Ta-da

Now once you have waited, it's time to scoop out your finished project! I recommend using a small spoon to scoop them out . Make sure when you scoop them out that all the edges aren't sticking to the cake pop maker to make sure they don't rip. And ta-da u r done!

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    Congratulations on your runner up prize win in the play with you food contest!

    When my daughter got a cake pop maker, I decided to try it out to make Æbleskivers. Works great, and I think we use it more for this than for cake pops.

    I wonder if the Cake Pop could be used for Takoyaki.

    The Scandinavians have been doing this for hundreds of years, they call them Aebleskivers. Get a Scandinavian cookbook and find a great recipe, and learn how to stuff them, and what to put on them for the great Scandinavian tastes.

    Yes, and the reason you fill up and then plug it in is so the pancake ball doesn't burn more than another one, because if you plug it in and then put mix in than the pancake balls will start to fill up the holes, and if you are still filling up the rest of the holes with the mix, then the mix would over flow and get very messy & burnt.

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    I tried this but my cake pop maker isn't like a heater it's one where you fill the bottom shape, put the cover on and stick it in the oven. I cooked it for 5mins and it was yummy.

    Yay, so excited about this! I already bought a cake pop maker for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas...I am so glad she will be able to use it for something better than just cake! :) Now I am super excited! Thanks!

    What a good idea. I have made shed loads of Cake pops but always leave the machine on ready for the next fill up. You say that you fill up first then plug in. Does his mean the mixture will not work with an already hot machine? It suggests that I can only make one batch.

    The local sears here had those cake pop makers on clearance for $5, I picked up 2.

    This is a brilliant idea!! Oh the possibilities! Like stretch79 I think I need to go buy a cake pop maker!

    This is GENIUS. Now I have to go and buy a cake pop maker damn you!!!