Waist Bag




About: We are a professional leather pattern design and tool development studio, we offer high quality pdf, acrylic patterns, and high quality leather tools. We have 2 online stores: www.leathercraftpattern.com www...

You can have this PDF pattern download from here:


The finished size is: 5.3" x 7.9" x 2.4" (13.5cm x 20cm x 6cm).


Hardware: 2cm lock x1, 30mm buckle x1, 9mm x 4mm Chicago screw x2, 6mm Stud x2.

Leather: We advice 2.0mm (5oz) leather, size 42cm x 30cm.

Tools: If you are a new leather player, try to considerate to have tool kit here: http://www.leathercraftpattern.com/leather-tools-...

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Step 1: Cut All Leather Pieces and Punch Holes on Leather Use Pattern, All Hole Places Were Marked on Pattern.

Step 2: Paint Mink Oil on Each Piece by Cotton Cloth and Dry a Whole Night.

Step 3: Thin All Edges

Step 4: Here Let Me Show You How to Cut a Long Hole. Punch 2 Round Holes and Cut 2 Tangent Lines to Get a Long Hole.

Step 5: Draw Stitching Line Mark Use Compass.

Step 6: Bevel the Edges of Flap Strengthen Leather.

Step 7: Glue Flap Strengthen Line on Back Leather's Flesh Side, and Punch Stitching Holes Together.

Step 8: Bevel the Edges of Flap.

Step 9: Bevel the Edge of Strap.

Step 10: Make Decoration Line on Back Card Slot.

Step 11: Now Thin One End of Strap and Glue the Grain Side on Strengthen Leather.

Step 12: Cover Flap's Grain Side On.

Step 13: Glue Back Card Slot's Edge on Back Piece.

Step 14: Sew Back and Flap Together.

Step 15: Punch Stitching Holes on Back Card Slot and Back Leather, Then Shoot 2 Pieces of Rivets on Strap Lock Leather.

Step 16: Now We Make Buckle Leather and Install Buckle On.

Step 17: Water Wet the Edge of Gusset, Fold As Picture Shows.

Step 18: Find the Anchor Point and Glue Gusset With Back Leather.

Step 19: Sew Gusset With Back Leather Together, Also Sew Back Card Slot.

Step 20: Paint Glue on the Other Side of Gusset and Front Leather.

Step 21: Glue Them Together.

Step 22: Sew Front Leather With Gusset Together.

Step 23: Install Lock Female Part On.

Step 24: Now We Make Hangers. Punch Holes on Hanger Strap As Pattern Indication.

Step 25: Punch a Seam to Connect 2 Holes, This Hole Is for Fix Stud.

Step 26: Install Stud on the Other Side.

Step 27: Polish the Edges and Smooth It. We Will Open Another Instruction to Show You How to Do This Skill.

Step 28: This Bag Is Almost Finished, and We Should Make the Leather Ring for the Strap Next.

Step 29: Thin the Leather Ring.

Step 30: Punch Stitching Hole on 2 Tips As Pattern Indication.

Step 31: Sew the Leather Ring As a Ring That Get Through Buckle Leather.



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