Two in One: Waistcoat and Bag :)




Introduction: Two in One: Waistcoat and Bag :)

Dream. Inspire. Create. Because, Creativity never goes out of style! ;)

I'm a hogger for 'multi-funtional' things. So, I created this waistcoat which can be converted into a bag one can use it either ways :)
I hope the instructions are clear enough and you like it!

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Step 1: Gather Your Material

You will need:
- Fabric (I've used 100% pure woolen fabric)
- Basic stationary and stitching tools
  > Scissors, pencil, tailor's chalk, pattern paper, body form etc
- Stitching thread and normal pearl sized beads

Step 2: Coloring the Fabric

Personalizing the fabric:
The fabric technique I have used is 'Bandhani' or 'Tie and Dye of Rajasthan, India'
Speckled with tiny square shaped dots, textured with crinkled crease of fabric, dyed with vivid dramatic colors, it attracts all the attention and admiration! 

How to do it?
- Dye the base fabric in any color or colors (optional).
  One can experiment with the various tying techniques, and can come up with interesting results each time :)
- Mark the entire fabric
- Take the bead and secure it with a thread, tightly.
- Continue the same process across the entire length of the fabric.
- It is time consuming, but the result is worth the wait!
- Dye the entire fabric again in another color (in a color different than the one previously used).

This type of tie and dye technique is known as 'Indian Shibori' , or as we call it "Bandhani".
You can Google search a couple of images to see the various motifs, patterns used in the technique. Also, the eye catching use of colors.

NOTE:  This is an additional step and is not necessary in the making of the waistcoat-cum-bag!

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

- A basic bodice pattern will do well.
- Cut the fabric in four panels 

Step 4: Stitching

- Only the center seam is left unstitched (rest three sides are stitched)
- The buttons are added in the front for the comfortably wearing and removing the coat
- The waistcoat is ready!

Now for the bag..
- Add a zipper from the front center seam to the back center seam.
- The armholes will now become our handles once the bottom is zipped!

Step 5: Ready to Be Worn and Carried!

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    WOW! This is the first thing i'm gonna try as soon as i get time! Great job!!

    1 reply

    Sure! I'd love to see it :)
    Let me know if u need any other details :)

    I'm sorry.. but i think i'm gonna copy this!
    #totallyin love <3
    It's been forever that i was searching for a good waistcoat to make.. and i get a a bag with it tooo ;)
    That's like cherry on my cake!! :D

    1 reply

    Hahah!! That's too sweet :) :)
    Do put up a picture once u make it ;)
    Ps: pleasee vote for mee

    The pictures u've clicked are pretty good!! Totally love the shibori technique you've done ;)

    1 reply

    Thanks alot.. glad you liked it ;)
    Let me know if you need any other details!

    If you have something better in mind, please suggest :)
    I'd be more than happy to change!
    And, let me know if you need any other details :)

    Interesting idea! I have to say, the title was a tad misleading though completely correct.

    1 reply

    Thanks Iwilliams43 :) Let me know if you need any other details :D
    PS: Please vote for mee :)