About: Im just 13 years old and im interested in robotics and arduinos. But don't ever underestimate me!!!

WaiterB0T , the Robotic Waiter is the future of the food service industry. Equipped with a visual light camera and stero-infrared sensors, WaiterB0T is capable of maneuvering through crowded restaurants and busy stadium walkways. The version depicted is designed for use in restaurants as a drink-ordering device as well as menu display and entertainment center. The WaiterB0T docks at the center of the table, activating its touchscreen tablets, which can be removed if necessary. Customers can order their drinks on the tablets, and even play games or watch sporting events while WaiterB0T hovers away to fetch their order. Alternate versions could be created to carry not only drinks, but food orders as well. WaiterB0T is at home in the commercial sector, but is capable of acting as a personal butler around the house. With its on-board computer, WaiterB0T would be capable of interfacing wirelessly with all appliances in your home through your personal network. Imagine waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee or tea, brought hot to your bedside by your very own WaiterB0T Butler!



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