Wake Board Creation of the Rocker With the Wood.

Introduction: Wake Board Creation of the Rocker With the Wood.

You need:

-Plate Plywood, 5mm thick.

-jig -scies

-Pointe steel (screws or nails)

-wood glue -resin polyester or epoxy + fiber

For the rocker, must be cut 2x the template (see photo # 2 black room). In wood (eg terrace latte). They will serve us to fix it in our plywood constraint (see photo # 2).

Our first backing plate will be screwed or nailed constraint on the two templates.
The other two wooden plaque, will be glued and screwed over.

After drying the wood glue (about 24/48 hours)
Draw the shape of your board (photo # 4). It is then possible to cut with a saw, for your future board (see photo # 6)

You have to sand the edges to get rounded desired.
The rest I can not explain in detail, this is the stage of the resin for sealing (photo8) of the board, and resistance. You can just spend an epoxy varnish directly on the wood fibers without. This is for your convenience, the goal was mainly to show how to get a rocker easily without wetting. This is a wakesakte in water (photo9)

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