Wake Client PC to Parse and Action Email

Introduction: Wake Client PC to Parse and Action Email

Just finished a project to parse and action emails WITHOUT needing the client to be switched on 24/7.

The problem I set out to resolve was that my gym classes get full very quickly and when spaces come available - an email with a clickable link is sent out to everybody on the waiting list; I wanted an automated mechanism to :-

1. switch on client

2. run Outlook

3. open gym email and automatically click link

Solution Summary :-

1. on client computer (Windows 10) install :- Outlook; InboxRULES and bespoke software (parses the gym email and clicks on the "book now" link)

InboxRULES is https://www.ornicusa.com/products/actions/save-message-outlook

2. Use an internet controllable switch to turn the client computer on (a button presser); NB. Windows 10 set to NO ACTION if the power-on switch is depressed while the computer is on;

The switch is a Prota Microbot Push :- https://prota.info/microbot/push/

and this is controlled via a Prota hub; although you can buy Prota hubs you can also install the Prota hub software on a Raspberry Pi, and so you just need the software which is from https://prota.info/prota/pi/

3. IFTTT is used to check for the gym email that advises that there is space in the class and then start the client computer via instruction to the Microbot Push; here's the "Applet" as they are now called at IFTTT :-


More details/pictures available upon request. I will shortly add the bespoke code which parses the email and invokes "Book me" link.

Cheers. Ian

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    3 years ago

    That's a neat setup :)