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Introduction: Wakeboarding Fail and Success

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Fail story:

Summer of 2015 we got a boat. The boat was expensive so we did not want to spend more money on equipment. Like a wakeboard or tube. I went into my garage and got a snowboard I had from previous years. It was a snowboard from Walmart. I tried wakeboarding in the water with it, not my best choice. I swam out and got onto the board and held onto the rope with my life. My mom started the boat and off we went. Already set up for disaster the board dipped into the water and I was completely submerged under water. I was still holding onto the rope a bit after I fell under. When I let go, I flew out of the water. I went back in because of gravity, THANKS GRAVITY. I swam back to the boat and noticed I had scratch marks on my feet because the plastic that holds your feet was sharp. Never again I tried that "solution". I later thought up another solution and it worked!

Step 1: The Version That Works

After that disaster I ditched the snowboard idea and used a sled. But this time disaster did not strike. It was successful and a fun ride. The sled lasted about 20 ride long rides. The materials I used was a :

A long snow sled. The sled was made out of foam so it's more flexible with the water. I bought the sled at Walmart years before I used it for this.

A screw gun and a screw

Step 2: One Hole

First I screwed a screw into the board about 5 inches from the top. I then took the screw out and it made a hole big enough for the rope to pass through.

I then took the end of the rope and started threading it through the hole until the handle was on top of the board

Step 3: Messages for Boat Safety

Your done! Now you just have to get into the water and ride. Make sure everything is secure and always wear a life jacket. When driving boat please make sure you know what you are doing. The only reason I did not get injured because my mom is an experience boat driver and she took a course on boat safety and driving. Make sure you are in a part of the water where you can do rec. activities. I recommend teens or up on this board. I am not responsible for any injuries if any.

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    4 years ago

    You may have gotten the snow board to work. Wake boarding is pretty hard especially getting up the first few times. Snow and wake boards are quite similar except for the foot bindings. Hence your scratches.

    I can water ski all day but.have never got close to standing up on a wake board. Your experience of being pulled under sounds close to mine as well. Good luck with the water sports.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks man! and yeah it was pretty hard getting up on the snowboard. But I did manage to get up on the sled.