Waking Your Gift for Music——Motion Sensing Jacket

In recent years, the application of somatosensory technology is more widely. In life, the most inseparable thing with us is clothes ,like jacket.And music is a wonderful enjoy.Somatosensory technology, jacket, music, can them establish some links?

By developing hardware on coat, to achieve the detection of simple body movements, and sends the data via Bluetooth to a computer,finally linked the music element with body movements on your computer by program. It achieved that using the physical Actions to control music, becoming a work of art, will be able to awaken people slumbering gift for music.

Step 1: Design the PCB

Including the smallest MCU system,LED lights, Bluetooth serial module interface, MPU6050 sensor module interface.

Step 2: Welding Circuit Elements

Circuit elements used:

1.Atmega328p-au microcontroller;

2.MPU6050 triaxial accelerometer gyroscope module;

3.HC-06 Bluetooth serial slave module;

4.LED lights;

5 SMD crystal, chip resistors, chip capacitors, reset switch.

Step 3: Burned Into the Program to the Microcontroller.

Written program using Arduino microcontroller development platform, the functions of program are obtaining datas from MPU6050 sensor module and senting via Bluetooth, while controlling the LED lights in accordance with the received datas.

Step 4: Send and Receive Data Via Bluetooth

Step 5: Write Computer Programs to Complete the Action Recognition

Step 6: Find Music Elements Material

Looking for a variety of musical elements sound material on the Internet, provided to the computer programs.

Step 7: Demonstrate the Effectiveness



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