Walk-in Closet Makeover: DIY Guide



Create a custom plan with any of the online design tool. Follow the simple steps to design an organization solution for your space and style. When it comes to shared closet space, functionality and aesthetics are at the top of most couples’ lists. It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, you can create a practical and well-organized shared closet design that works for your needs. For a space both you and your partner will appreciate, here are three things to consider when designing your closet for two.

  • Start with the basics.
    • The two fundamental questions you need to ask before starting the design process are: Who is using the closet, and how much of the space does each person need? Once you have those questions answered, you can move on to more specific closet organization queries, such as: how much space should be used for hanging versus folding, where will suits and dresses be stored, and how many shoes do you own?
    • Divide the space. Splitting the closet into two distinct sections, one for each of you, is a must. This allows you to accommodate your different organizing styles. A center tower of drawers, shelves, hutches, or hampers is a functional way to create a natural dividing line between the two sections. If you’re going to be sharing the center space with your partner, consider stowing both of your tall hanging items there or using a hutch to create a charging station for your electronics.
    • Getting agreement. If you are the one taking the lead on designing your shared space, get a plan online that your partner can see and interact with.

Step 1: Room Prep Work: Empty Old Closet and Any Harware

This is the time to revamp and recolor the old closet with new paint. But first things first !

  1. Remove old hardware
  2. Fix any nicks and bump with patching compound
  3. Sand the patched areas
  4. Use a good quality primer and let it dry.
  5. Start painting with your desired color (I highly recommend taping corners and baseboards to prevent accidental spills and get perfect cuts)
  6. Let paint dry out completely.

The room in now ready for the new hardware. Based on your room measurements feed that information into any online tool which most closet companies have to get an idea before placing the order for the parts.

Step 2: Hardware Installation

Using a stud finder identify the studs in the wall and mark with a pencil. This step is very important as it is the backbone to secure the closet upright and plumb.

Follow your closet manufacturers installation instructions to attach hardware.

See attached video on how this was done for my particular installation.

Enjoy your new space !



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