Walker's Delight Day Spa

Introduction: Walker's Delight Day Spa

A fun and easy way to do a spa at home and make lotion

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Step 1: Getting Set Up

So first you need to get a blanket and 2 pillows and lay them out as shown above.

Step 2: Lotion

So to make your own fragrance lotion, you need a bottle, perfume/clone, and regular lotion that has no fragrance. Then you take your perfume and pour some in the lotion. And then you stir it up and put it in the bottle

Step 3: Head Massager

You also must have a head massager from bed bath and beyond

Step 4: Way to Massage

So the technique to massage is simple, you make clenched fists and rapidly bang on their back slightly. Also you use the head massager and the lotion you created your self

Step 5: That's It

That's it, now you know how to create your very own lotion and massage

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