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Use to do this when I was kid, but saw it being done on a recent episode of The Walking Dead. So I thought I would make an instruction video on how to do it. The Walking Dead Survival Tip. The Gum Wrapper Lighter AKA Prison Lighter. No lighter to start a fire. No Problem. This is a quick and easy tip that could save your life in an urban survival situation, if you ever need fire.All you need is an old or new gum wrapper or cigarette package liner and a AA battery and you have fire.

Step 1: Collect Materials

You will need the following items to make a gum wrapper lighter.

1) Gum Wrapper

2) AA Battery

3) Scissors or Knife

Step 2: Cut Gum Wrapper

Cut gum wrapper in a strip of about 1/4 inch and fold in half

Step 3: Create Ignition Point

Cut on an angle to a fine point. This is where the ignition of the lighter will take place.

Step 4: Connect to Battery

Connect one end of the wrapper to the positive and the other to the negative ends of the battery.

Step 5: You Have Fire

You now have fire and thus a lighter.

"Be prepared, stay safe and survive."



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    I worked in corrections. Inmates would do this with paperclips also to light cigarettes. They usually used a C or D cell battery from a radio.


    4 years ago

    Its probably a good thing I didn't know this as a kid! Brilliant!

    2 replies

    4 years ago

    I've used steel wool with a 9v battery before as an alternative. Either way great info. Thanks for the great instructable!


    3 years ago on Introduction

    You are supposed to lift the little felt flap to fill your Zippo. The hole is just to stick the tip in to pop it up. Also when I was about 13 my friend and I didn't have money for fluid so we put gasoline in it. It's not dangerous, it just makes a bigger flame, and it smokes black from what I remember. This was back in about 1977, but I do remember we did it with gas a lot and it never even acted like it was going to blow up. But I think it did stink a little bit. Just make sure you don't have gas on your hands or on the outside of the lighter. And don't have the gas container anywhere near you, obviously. One other tip is, get an empty large bottle of eye drops and fill it with lighter fluid for your survival kit. Make sure the cap is on tight and that it doesn't leak.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Sorry to hear that. My next instructable is going to be on how to sew appendages back on :)