Walking Desk Mod for Small Space

Introduction: Walking Desk Mod for Small Space

After recently visiting the Instructables Lab in SF, I was completely sold on the fact that I needed a walking desk.  The sore shoulders and back from hunching over my laptop all day was not working!  Additionally, my energy always seemed to wane throughout the day even if I woke up feeling energetic.  I was ready to change my whole work station.   However, there was one major problem.  I live in an apartment which is no more than 1100 ft.  I needed a walking desk modification.  The following Instructable is my simple solution to a walking desk for my small space.

1.)  Find the right treadmill for your space- In my case, I needed something small that could easily be stored away when not in use.  After researching many models, I eventually settled on the inMotion 7900 Treadmill for several reasons: (1) The price point  (2) Easily stored when not in use (3)  Self Powered- I really liked this aspect of the treadmill.  I was happy to purchase something that doesn't require regular charging or batteries.
2.)  Space Configuration-  In my apartment, I already had a permanent desk set up and didn't see the need to remove it since my awesome PC is stored on it (joke).  My solution?  After spending some time considering my space, I realized that by pushing the treadmill up against the breakfast bar in my apartment, I already had great desk/work space.  Also, this is an area of my apartment that is very underused and I was happy to find a new use for it other than junk mail storage.
3.)  Get to work-  As some other people have noted in their Walking Desk Instructables, the first few days take some patience and getting used to.  Day 1 felt a little awkward and I was really happy to get off the treadmill and sit down for lunch.  By the end of day 3, I really felt like I had more energy.  Placebo effect?  Perhaps.  But, regardless of the reason, I feel like my posture has improved and that I have more energy.  Of course, there are times when I get a little tired.  But, as some others have noted, the set-up simply becomes a standing desk which has tremendous benefits unto itself.



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    I like this! I just ordered a Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill to try something similar

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    On further inspection, you may need to get your monitor up higher so your head is in the right spot. A basic U-shaped laptop stand and ancillary keyboard would be a good start.

    Looks nice!
    I'm curious to know how you find using it over a longer period of time.