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I am a Lazy Old Geek but I like to take walks with my dog, Marcus. Especially in the winter, there is a shortage of water for Marcus. I used to take a Bota bag along (Picture 3). And I could stream out water and Marcus would drink out of the stream. But it started leaking.
Most ‘westernized’ bota bags have a plastic liner inside them. The two I had, started leaking after a while and I couldn’t find a way to fix the leaks. Leaks shouldn’t be a big problem but it gets very cold in the winter/spring.
Well, one of my cousins came to visit and left some bottled water. I tried to tie a string to one and carry it around but didn’t like it. 
So I decided to combine the two.
To get into the bota bag, all you have to do is remove the caps and the little red plastic protector. Underneath is some string wrapped around to holder the plastic liner. Remove the string and pull out the liner. Now, I also cut about four inches of the plastic part of the bota bag so the bottled water will slip inside. (I wish I had kept the screw tops).

Problem: How’s does Marcus get water?
Solution: Now, where we walk is pretty much rural agricultural area. There is a lot of junk around but surprisingly little to use as a doggy bowl. I did find one, a frying pan (see picture). When Marcus is finished, I try to remember to turn it over to keep out dirt. I also found a water valve cover.

Actually Marcus is pretty resourceful and can often find water where I can’t. Here’s an example. This is a water tank for cattle with an automatic feed. The hose leaks a bit so Marcus will drink from the muddy spill over. I haven’t been able to teach him to drink right out of the tank. Sometimes I think he prefers muddy water.

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