Walkman + RetroPie = Time Machine

Introduction: Walkman + RetroPie = Time Machine

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I recently installed RetroPie on my RPI2. Since I'll be using it with an old TV set, might as well make a case that would fit the time frame. :)

So basically all you need is an old cassette player. Mine happens to be a Sharp AM/FM cassette player (Model No. JC-550X) my brother bought this way back in his youth. I like to keep old stuff even if does not work anymore.

Hopefully the blurry pictures would be clear enough to see how I fit the RPI2 in there.

Other tools needed would be:

1. A screw driver

2. A box cutter

3. Instant Glue

4. 2-4 spacers w/ screws

5. hack saw blade

6. X-acto knife or Drill.

Let's get to it.

Step 1: Dismantle the Cassette Player

Unscrew every screw you could find. Then carefully get everything out. Make sure you don't crack or break the casing. Keep the buttons as we will need to glue those back. The RPI is small enough to fit the tape deck so all I really needed to do was drill or in my case make 2 holes on the front of the player. This will be the mounting for the RPI. I covered up the screws with buttons from a defective remote control, but you can leave it as is since it would hardly be noticeable. (Old tech have tons of screws in them)

Step 2: Make an Opening for the USB Ports.

I needed to have access to the USB ports, so I used a hacksaw blade to remove some material on the bottom of the player. Luckily, the top part of my cassette player can be removed by wedging a flat screw driver on the plastic hinges, I temporarily removed the top part and started hacked out an opening.

I made the flap cover from an old 3.5" diskette. The box cutter helps keeps things smooth by removing the rough edges made by the hacksaw blade.

Step 3: Put the Buttons Back

I just glued everything back. I lost the rewind and forward buttons so I replaced them with the buttons from the remote control I used to cover the screws on the front of the case.

So there you have it. A fitting old case the brings back memories while playing old nostalgic games. :)

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