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Creating a wall clock from recycled pallet boards is incredible simple and looks sooo impressive!!! ENJOY this little tutorial video! :)

What you need:

  • long shaft clock movement and clock hands
  • safety tools – goggles, gloves
  • jig saw or a simple saw
  • sander – 100 or 120 grit paper
  • hammer and nails
  • stain and metal paint

and the most important: waste of pallet.

Step 1: PLAN and SAW

PLAN the wide and the length of your clock. It’s the size of the minute hand from the centre + one inchTWICE. This size consists of 3 slats, 2 thin and 1 thicker.

Then need two more small sticks. It’s holding the 3 slats back.

SAW the measured pallet boards – use a jig saw or a simple saw.

Step 2: SAND and STAIN

The next step is SANDING. SAND the surface of the wood completely. Use a sander with a 100 or 120 grit paper but also you can easy sand it by hand.

And the most entertaining moment in the project is STAIN. We stained with a mahagony colored wood stain and by the edge we used white metal paint.

Step 3: JOIN and DRILL

After the surface dryed completely, JOIN the parts together with nails.

IMPORTANT! Because of the pallet slats are relatively thick – 0,6 inch – use „long shaft” clock movement. (With short ones won’t work.)

DRILL the middle of the clock and put in it the clock movement.

Step 4: XII, III, VI, IX and ORDER of the Hands

By the numbers – XII, III, VI, IX - we also used white metal paint. It looks so good on the stained surface and this type of paint covers well.

If you want, can use templates to paint the numbers.

Put in the drilled hole the clock movement and fix it.

The order of the clock hands:

  • hour,
  • minute and
  • second.

Step 5: PUT the Battery In

The last step: PUT one AA battery in.

Step 6: What's the Time? :)

And now: What’s the time?;)

Don't forget to check the tutorial video too!!! :)

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