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In this instructables I share about wall decoration Wall Decor.

In my house the wall was empty, I think to decorate the wall. So I want to buy some wall decorations. But the cost exceeds my budget. I think

The paper can make anything......

Then I'm buy some color paper and make my own design of the wall decorations.

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Step 1: Things Required:

1) Color papers

2) Safety Scissors

3) Hot glue gun

4) Poster paint

5) Small brush

Step 2: How to Cut and Fold the Paper for Petals:

Step 1) Cut the paper 3.5 X 28 cm.

Step 2) Fold the paper into half and make 14 cm.

Step 3) Then also fold the paper into half and make 7 cm.

Step 4) Cut the papers 2.5 cm into small pieces.

Step 3: Cut the Paper and Fold the Paper for Sepals:

Step 1) Cut the paper 1 X 28 cm.

Step 2) Roll the paper.

Step 4: Make the Flower:

Step 1) Roll the sepals and the petals.

Step 2) Explore the petals.

Step 5: Making the Branch:

Step 1) Roll the A4 sheet.

Step 2) Color the paper.

Step 6: Making Branch Grid:

With the help of Hot glue gun make the grid in even space.

Step 7: Place the Flowers:

Place the Flowers on the grid. Then the wall decoration is ready.

Step 8: Full Making Video:

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