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Introduction: Wall Demo Chess Board

Demo boards are often used to give chess lessons.

Here is a wooden wall demo board that you can use with standard pieces set.

Most of commercial wall demo boards are using magnetic 2D pieces. For small kids, it is sometimes easier to see real pieces instead of 2D representation. They do not have to do any abstraction.

Step 1: Preparing Material

You need a wooden Multiplex or MDF plate 3 mm thick and some other thicker plates for the frame.

For size 5 Staunton chess set, the King has a basis diameter of 35 mm and is 10 cm tall.

So the dimensions should be at least :

- bottom plate width : 80 cm + 2 x frame thickness.

- bottom plate height : 100 cm + 2 x frame thickness

- shelfs depth: 4 cm

- shelfs length : 80 cm

- square : 10 cm x 10 cm

- horizontal frame length: 80 cm + 2 x frame thickness

- vertical frame length: 100 cm + 2 x frame thickness

- frame depth: 5 cm

Step 2: Build the Frame

Cut the frame parts at 45°, glue and assemble them with a strap.

You can use a thick frame to be able to draw row numbers and column letters.

Step 3: Draw the Squares

Draw 10 cm x 10 cm squares. Do not forget to take frame thickness into account on each sides.

Paint them with your prefered colors. A chess board always have white square on h8 (bottom right square)

Step 4: Fix the Shelfs

Glue the shelfs and fix them from behind with a stapler.

Step 5: Play Chess !

You juste have to put the standard pieces in place.

The last row can be used to put captured pieces.

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    2 years ago

    That's a neat way to display your peices :)