Introduction: Wall-E

My daughters (ages 3 and 22 months) are deep into Wall-E.  I told my oldest that I would make her a Wall-E toy and was then under close supervison until the project was complete.  She told me, "You can work on my Wall-E now if you want," and "you can take time now!"  She even tried to convince her dad to finish it.  Once completed I was told, " Apparently you forgot one thing on my Wall-E, he is missing his red button"  and that I shouild make one for her sister.  I have now made two Wall-Es, the first out of felt and the second from cotton.  Wall-E has his cockroach friend in this photo, thanks to our libriarian.

I am currently working on EVE and trying to convince the girls that MO ( the cleaning robot) is too complicated for me to make.

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    That is so adorable! I just love Wall-E! I would love to see step by step shots of both Wall-E and EVE if you get the chance :) He looks like so much fun to make!