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Introduction: Wall E Costume

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Hello Everyone!

Sooo, this year i decided to give all my effort for our company costumes party.

After many many ideas, at the final moment ( two weeks a head of the event ) i decided to build a Wall -e costume from scratch !

The build process took A LOT OF TIME !

The costume weights approx 10 Kg and is big in diameter

i didn't imagined the time consuming it was, but eventually it was worth it! and i won the costumes party !!!

I hope you enjoy the building process.


Step 1: Big Carton Box

I mothers washing machine decided to commit suicide , so i had the pleasure in taking the box of the new to be washing machine. :)

With a lot of fitting and cutting i adjusted it to my size

I cannot even illustrate how many cutting i did. and it wasn`t enough since i had to add more angles to the sides of Wall-e ( like his back and his front - it has extra bold add-ons )

So i had to find more card board and attache it

Step 2: Prepare All Sides

Soo .. i have seen a few Wall-E pictures, and also i have a small robot ( toy ) examined all it`s structure and started "molding" all the needed parts.

i assembled them all with paper duck tape at first.

It was a lot of cutting - took hours!

Step 3: Sponge

Some parts of the outer shell I had to fill with sponge - in order to prevent them from collapsing inside

moreover , i added a big thick layer of sponge inside wall-e - where my shoulders are holding the shell - since it is very heavy, i needed something that would give me comfort

Step 4: Rear Parts

The rear parts of wall-e seems like 2 pistons

It is made of wood poles and cardboard

All you need to do is cut it and attach it using cable ties

Don`t forget to paint it in silver + black

Step 5: Front Parts

The front part is the big show - this is the first thing that people look at in the costume.

So, i need to pull something big!

I added this grill in the front + printed this numbers board ( circuit )

Added an old phone (Galaxy s2) - in which i installed 15 videos - each 10 min length that will run in loop- each is a cool visualization.

and of course 12v Battery + LED ( It`s not a costume if you don`t include LED inside it ) :)

Step 6: Apply News Paper to the Structure

In order for the structure to be strong, i had to glue on top of it lots of reading news papers.

sooo, bought a regular white glue ( like children use ) and started the process

Step 7: The Paper Wall-e

Finished with this step and let it dry for an hour or so.

Step 8: Paint It in White

Gives it extra strengthening

Step 9: Prepare Side Wheels #1

The wheels structure was a hard one to create

It was sooo time consuming.

I started to build something, but than it broke apart, and than again I had some idea, and it tear apart.

But finally i was able to build something and got to a state that it was strong enough.

Step 10: Prepare Side Wheels #2

Continue building

Added additional cardboard on top of it - and strength it with duck tape on the sides

Step 11: Prepare Side Wheels #3

Paint to upper part in silver , and the internal cardboard in black

Than , i took an A4 paper, cut it with a blade and give it a look of tank chain - than you spray it in black to give it a look of cog wheels

Step 12: Prepare Side Wheels #4

Now this was a tricky step, since i need to create an inner structure that would hold the weight of the costume ( since i plan to place it on the floor ) - and it weights approx 10 Kg.

So the base \ wheels structure should be strong.

I got a few wood poles, cut it to the desired size, and attached it to a hard cardboard that i found on the street

I duct taped it all to the wheels shell - used a lot! of duck tape :)

Step 13: Prepare Side Wheels #5

Final touch was adding a printed sample of cog wheels on the sides - to give it a more realistic looks

Step 14: Prepare Wall-e Head

Soo, this was a major step since it took me a few good hours to understand how to connect each cardboard to the other in order to create Wall-e`s head in a perfect way.

I short, you need a bunch of cardboard , paper , duck tape and wood pole to connect to to the body

Step 15: Paint the Body in Yellow

On this step i painted the body in yellow, and i chose the exact color of Wall-e

Than, i spray painted the front in silver

Step 16: Additional Appliances

The side decals are also important since it gives the costume the final looks
Soo, i bought a few colors, some sort of rust color, and another yellow color.

Applied it slowly to the sides and where it needs to be

I also chose to add additional antenna on the back + some old Router board that i had

And also connected some sort of RCA cables to his head

And on the front added some old 1.3 megaPixel camera , 1 fan and an additional electric board + LED of course

Step 17: Add Cardboard on the Hands

I added this addon which i will wrap around my hands

Step 18: Finished !

This was a long fun Instructable !

i hope you enjoyed it


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    1 year ago

    Way too cool! One of my all time favourite movies. Thank you for sharing.