Wall-E's First Head Movments





Introduction: Wall-E's First Head Movments

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Wall-E's first head movements with eyes lit up.



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    look very sad... make me felt like want pick up and give it a hug

    Thornburg: Thank you for your comment and a video will be forth coming when it is finished.

    What will the video be called? just wondering! very awesome project, I've never seen anything this amazing before!

    Very nice. I believe adding a diffusion medium to make the LED's less obvious would help the effect nicely. I so want one...

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    tench745: hey thanks for the comment, Appreciated. Diffusion medium could be a great idea, thanks.

    Amazing. Just amazing. I want to make this SO BAD. By the way, is this added in the Instructable? +5/5 stars.

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    Kopolis777: Yes, it works of a CDS cell via a circuit. But we might try to hook it up to the BS2P40 stamp as well.

    Jahoovi: Parallax.com for the electronic components, Misc components from various electronic stores. The rest home made.