Wall Flowers





Introduction: Wall Flowers

Make flowers to hang on your wall! You will need multiple bottles, different sizes are best.

You will need:


Dry erase marker

Hot Glue Gun

Clear Tacks

Step 1: Cut Off the Bottom of the Bottle

Save the top half for later

Step 2: Cut in Between Bulges As Shown

Step 3: Bend Cuts Inward

folding cuts inward make the middle part of the flower.
Repeat the first three steps until you have the amount of flowers your want.

Step 4: Cut Stems and Leaves

Use the top part of the bottle that was saved earlier to cut out stems and leaves

Step 5: Flower Arrangment

Arrange all your flowers, stems, and leaves in the way you want. Heat up a hot glue gun and go to town on connecting all the elements together.

Step 6: Hang It Up!

Clear tacks work really well to secure all flowing parts of the wall flower. The clear tacks enable quick and concealed attachment.



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    7 Discussions

    this is an awesome project... i made one and it looks soooo amazing!! :D im very happy with how they turned out

    WoW!! That is awesome! Could I suggest you try and take a crisper shot of the first pic. Perhaps with a little extra lighting to high light the petals. Your pic is dround out on the recent page. Even with my decent flat screen (which usually lets me see a whole lot more detail than older monitors) I could only just make out your picture. A more vivid pic will bring you heaps more views. Just my advice. Ids this your idea by the way? It is truley awesome!!

    1 reply

    Thank you so much. Yes i did come up with this on my own. Good call on the photo....i will work on changing that. I unfortunately need to make another set because i gave that one away.

    I love this kind of inventiveness! Not long ago (maybe it was you), somebody put up instructions on how to turn these 'flowers' into a curtain or partition. I 'flattered' them by borrowing the idea. :-)