Wall Full of Butterflies

Introduction: Wall Full of Butterflies

Hiiii friends here I have an creative way to decorate your wall using color sheets

Step 1: Materials Used

  • color papers
  • siesers
  • paints
  • pencil

Step 2: How to Make Paper Butterflies

Take a color sheet in this i have used black color sheet to make butterflies , draw butterfly on the paper and cut that using siesers the yoy will get a beatifull butterfly and do the same to make more butterflies

Step 3: Make Colorfull Flowers

use any color paper of your wish draw flowre on it and cut accordinly if you want to make it still more beautiful you can use paint like i have used yellow and yellow to make my flower attractive.

Step 4: Stick on the Wall

stick the butterflies and flowers on the wall using double sided tape.

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    That looks cool. It would be a great way to decorate a kid's room.