Wall Hanging Wine Rack





Introduction: Wall Hanging Wine Rack

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Step 1: Wall Hanging Wine Rack

I reconstructed this from a reclaimed pallet. I cut part of the pallet away and deconstructed the other part. Then used those materials to construct a Wall Hanging Wine Rack, It holds 10 bottles of Wine and 8 hanging Wine glasses. This projects takes about 4 hours to complete, and can be finished by leaving it as natural wood, painted, or stained.



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    Very cool idea - it looks nice and simple to make!

    Do you happen to have any photos of the process? Even adding just a couple shots from the build process would be awesome to see :)

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    I have made others too, smaller(holds 5 bottles & 4 glasses) and larger(holds 12 bottles and 8 glasses on top and is free standing, or wall mountable) I can sell you any size that you want!