Wall Hung Christmas Tree

Introduction: Wall Hung Christmas Tree

I had 2 issues with a Christmas tree.  1. My Living Room is very small and 2. (Most importantly) is that  my American Bulldog Maggie loved to pick "new toys" from the ornaments.

After putting some thoughts into these issues, I came up with an inexpensive, easy one day project to solve both problems.

Materials Used:
1" wood strips
Green plastic landscape fencing
Non-wired garland
Wired garland
LED Christmas lights (1 strand)
Thin L brackets (to attach wood pieces together)
Rigid Wire (to attach top of wood pieces together)

Tools Used:
Nail Gun (used brad nails)
Staple Gun (to attach fencing)
Drill (to drill holes to run wire through)

Step 1: Creating the Frame

Cut the wood to fit: (Sizing depends on how large you want your tree-plus you will need to tweak the frame to fit your corner)

For Vertical you need:
3 Pieces the same size
2 Pieces the same size but about 2" shorter than the other 3

For Horizontal you need:
1 piece (goes across the back-so length is determined upon the size of your tree)
2 pieces same size (these are the angled side pieces-so again length is determined by how far you want your tree to come out from the wall)
1 piece (goes between the angled side pieces to make the front)

To assemble your frame:
Take the 2 pieces for the side angles and cut one end of each at a 45 degree angle.  Attach the shorter horizontal between the 2 angled pieces.
Attach this assembly to the longer horizontal piece.
    NOTE:  We attached the assembly  UNDER the horizontal piece using 1 loose brad in each end.  This allowed for adjustments to fit in the corner prior to final tightening. 

Now assemble the verticle pieces:
Of the 3 longest pieces-1 on each corner of the horizontal assembly and one in the center of the front piece of the horizontal assembly. 

Hammer the thin L brackets straight and nail to the wood pieces. 
           We used the brackets so that we had flexibility in shaping the wood to the corner.    Initially we nailed the wood together and found it to rigid and it didn't allow for tweaking.

Drill a hole through the top 3 pieces and join with a rigid piece of wire.
            Again-this allows for fitting into your corner.  Once the fit is right--make sure your wire is tightened.

 Now repeat the process with the last 2 pieces of the shorter wood.  Place one piece on each of the angled side pieces.  Attach to the longer horizontal pieces by drilling a hole and securing with a piece of wire.

Check your fit in the corner  and tighten wires and nails accordingly.

Step 2: Covering the Frame

Trim down your landscaping fencing to a workable size. 

Staple to the frame using heavy duty staples.  Make sure you staple enough as this is what will hold all the garland, lights and decorations.

Trim the fencing so that it is flush on all edges

Step 3: Add Garland

Use the non-wired garland and weave RANDOMLY through out the tree by weaving in and out of random holes.  You do not have to use every hole; just make sure your garland is taut.  Be sure to wrap the edges and the bottom also.
   I started of using a pattern and it was very detectable, so I had to pull it out.  The key here is to make sure to be as random as possible.  

Now cut your wired garland into random sized pieces.  Place these in various places throughout by twisting the wire around the non-wired garland.
     This gives dimension, so again random sizes and locations.

Step 4: Add Lights

Take your LCD lights and poke them through the BACK of your tree so only the light bulb is visible from the front.  Secure in back with thin wire wrapped around the garland.

Step 5: Hang!

We attached a cup hook in the corner and hung the tree  from the secured wire that holds the top 3 pieces together.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, that certainly frees up the floor space and keeps it away from pets and small children! Interesting idea...