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Introduction: Wall Mounted LED Framed Letter

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I have no idea what to actually call this project so wall mounted LED framed letter is what we have.

My wife saw some random pictures and larger letters she wanted to do in our nursery. First child on the way and still a few months out.

When I started the project we didn't know the sex or even a name. from my drawings we went to hobby lobby I picked up the biggest letter which was a M took the measurements and made my plans from it. (as you can tell in my really rough plans)

Now we know its a Boy and its starting with a C we then could pick colors and finish the project. Hope you enjoy and maybe inspire others to make something close.

Step 1: Material Used

1/2x4x8x plywood (lowes) Smooth sided less sanding No link sorry

Large letter C (hobby lobby) https://www.hobbylobby.com/Home-Decor-Frames/Mirro...

Two (2) sets of these LED strips (I had power supplies, Order as needed). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HSF65MC/ref=o...

Baseboard of your choice. No link sorry

Paintable Caulking.

Brad nails

Paint of your choice

Spray paint of your choice

Wood Dowel


Last is the actual hanger I went back and forth on what to use. I needed it to be crazy secure i was about to screw it straight through the face into the wall but then was worried it would look horrible. I hated the wire idea. So found this metal hanger as pictured above and here is the link. 200lbs tons of mounts 18 inch hits two studs.


Hope im not forgetting anything but read over the steps and buy as needed.

Step 2: Planning

As stated above. When I started this project I was going off a mix of pictures and ideas my wife was giving me trying to explain what she wanted.

We also didn't have a name so M being the biggest letter is what I measured everything off of. (if you follow these plans you should be set)

My width was an even 60 inches 5 foot this was a tad wider than a normal crib width.

My Height ended up coming in at 42 inches

Molding I used measured in at 3 1/4 inch

Everything is now fitting on paper time to move on. (sorry for the horrible drawling.)

Step 3: Cutting / Layout

So we have an over all width and height.

Now needing an overhand for the LED to be covered and shine from behind the molding the backing was cut to 57x39. This leaves a 1.5 inch overhang all the way around.

I had a hard time here figuring out the exact measurement to cut the indention after i cut down the board from the overall measurement so i went ahead and started assembling the frame surround.

The indention are cut as measured again this is from the 57X39 board. 7 1/4 x 11 1/4

Step 4: Issues and Break

I do not mess with molding much and have never messed with the composite stuff I used for this build.

But the back is not flat! I am not sure if this is a common thing for base boards or not but it really messed me up.

As you can see here in the pictures the dip in the center laid right on the edge of the board allowing my corners to sag.

I was so upset I had to have a hot pocket. (be sure to cut in pieces unless your a mad man)

Step 5: Painting and Sanding

My beautiful and pregnant wife came out to help with this step.

While she was painting the backing I started working on the trim. Sanded all the 45's and tried to match and mate the best with the best.

What I did here to help with my Issue stated above. I glued and brad nailed all my outside corners together this was also a huge help when trying to attach to the backing as ill show you in the next step!

Step 6: Adding the Molding / Boarder

I used a brad nail tacked all the corners and center of the long runners. the nails are a big long i cut them off using snips and all worked out.

Had to include the famous robot here!

Step 7: Fixing the Miters and Paint

So Im not perfect and i hope the rest of you are.

My miters had some gaps. I used Fast drying acrylic latex caulk spray paint able.

I tried to show the progression of the corner before. after the caulk. then painted.

It was very easy to apply. apply as needed then wipe off with a wet rag. then take something dry and get any access.

tape it all up. As i was taping and prepping for paint the stuff dried quick I was ready to paint in about 30ish minutes.

Step 8: Adding LED to the Letter and Dowels

The Led strip i purchased came with double sided tape i just peeled and placed it on the letter inside facing straight down or back.

I wasn't worried about placement just on the outsides leaving the center open for adding my dowel.

After i got the leds in I played with the height of the letter away from the counter to get my desired shine or glow.

it ended up being 3/4 inch.

My letter is 2 inch deep so I cut 4 dowels at 2 3/4 inch. No pictures here sorry. In the next step you can see the dowels on the backing with the letter to get an idea. You can also see the screws in the face of the letter to get an idea of placement of these screws and dowels

Step 9: Adding the Frame LED

Nothing special here other than using hot glue adding the led lighting.

Making sure all 90 turns are tightly secured.

Last thing i did here was while it was on its back i took my router and made a channel for the wire to the led to sit in as needed

Step 10: Adding the Letter.

After adding the Dowel to my letter. I think 3/4 inch.

I placed the letter in the center mesured everything then traced each dowel as seen.

Pull the letter off and drill in the dead center of each traced circle.

You will also need a larger hole for you Led power wire.

Add your letter from the back using the placement you predrilled.

Step 11: Floor Test

Took it to the nursery to make sure all was working and the glow was as desired.

Step 12: Mounting

I used the hanger I listed above.

As I mentioned I was extremely worried adding this above the crib with wire.

The 18in channel allowed me to hit two studs on the wall and i added 3 dry wall anchors in between.

The channel on the backing allowed me to add 5 or 6 screws into the frame.

Please take caution here if adding heavy items above a crib or child's bed.

Step 13: Update

I got tired of having to unplug the lights and step up. so picked up a remote controlled outlet at homedepot for $10


Step 14: Final Thought

I was extremely happy with the outcome.

The Room itself still has a bit to go but its coming together and looking more and more like a nursery.

My wife and I are very excited for our new addition.

Like always if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    2 years ago

    That's really cute! Awesome idea for a night light :)