Workshop or Home Organizer. Wall Pocket. Cheap, Fast, Custom Size.



I found this so easy, cheap and usefull that I choose to share it here. Waterproof!

For proper drying of your kitchen cleaning stuff.
For workshop organizer. Keep that workbench empty!
For a sailboat or car trunk where you don´t want things shaking around.

Step 1: Materials.

The plastic net used here is cheap, resistant and you can cut it with scisors and some hand strenght.

Chindren supervised!

You just need:

- Plastic net.

- Scissors.

- Plastic ties.

Step 2: Cut and Tie.

Cut the net in a "catholic" cross shape, one side longer to be the back of the thing.
Count squares to make sure it's symetrical.

Then tie the top with 4 ties around.
Any other tie to give shape and close holes.

Step 3: Hang It.

Depending of the place.. you may have some nail, screw to hang it to.
Or the hole of sthing to tie it to with a extra tie or two for stability.



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