Wall Pot Rack - Almost Free!

Introduction: Wall Pot Rack - Almost Free!

I just moved into a brand-new house in a quaint subdivision a year ago. Plenty of projects still came to mind, despite how new the house was. Fence for the back yard, convert the garage into a workshop, built-in bookshelves and storage. But money has a way of prioritizing this list, and my books have been fine in the box since the move, so I turned my attention to the kitchen.

Again, it's a brand-new house. But somehow they seem to think that 9 base cabinets should be enough for all your storage needs. Pfft.

Step 1: Pretty Simple Construction...

I've always liked the idea of a pot rack, but I don't have an island to suspend one over, so I figured hanging one on the wall would be a suitable alternative. And again, we come back to expense.

SO... I knocked this together one Saturday afternoon from a poplar 1x6 and some smaller scrap pieces I had which got whittled down for pegs. Some thinned down oil paint was buffed into the grain and a clear polyurethane finished it off.

Four lag bolts shot into the studs, and we're in business!! This project cost me the $1.32 for the lag bolts, but otherwise I already had the parts in my garage.

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    6 years ago

    Awesome! Check out my shoe rack. It's the same design. I like the idea for a pot rack.