Wall Projections From Paper




Introduction: Wall Projections From Paper

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Hello everyone, this is my fourth instructable. I have made this project for the papercraft contest 2017. I shall teach you how to make wonderful wall projections from paper. I'm really sorry for the poor quality images. I didn't have a good camera : (

So, lets begin!!!

Step 1: Materials Required

Paper sheet(The harder the better)

Paper cup



Transparent tape



Step 2: Making the Design

We shall start by drawing the design to be projected. Its up to you what you want to project. Is on your mood. OK, for this project, lets make a nature projection. Draw the design on a hard sheet of paper and cut it out. As simple as that.

Step 3: Sticking the Base

The base can be anything. Since it is a papercraft project, I shall be using a paper cup. Just take the design you've cut in the previous step and tape it to the cup(or whatever you're using as the base). Make sure the base remains stable. if its flipping off, add some weight(Magnets or clean stones).

Step 4: The Projector

The projector is nothing but a common LED. It is better if you use many LEDs together. The brightness will be good.

Just connect the LEDs in parallel to the battery and place it in front of the design to be projected as shown in the image.

Step 5: Lights Out!!!

And that's all! Keep your projector in front of a wall and turn off the lights. Keep it far apart from the wall to get a larger projection. Keep it near the wall for a smaller and clearer projection. You are done with your mood modifier! Make many of these for different walls and see the wonder. Hope you like my project. If you feel this project is good enough for the papercraft contest please give me a vote. Thanks guys.



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