Wall Sewing Station

Introduction: Wall Sewing Station

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I needed a place to store my sewing supplies close to my desk but yet out of the way. I found hanging them next to my desk works great. Basically all I used to make this was a 1/4 inch piece of wood for the back part. I had scrap wood that i cut into 1 inch strips for holding the supplies. The size is up to you mine is a foot and a half by a foot. I drilled holes for the dowels at an angle for thread and holding sewing items. Some sanding and adding paint and your done.

gotta fill it up

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


tape measure

saw i used jig and hand saw

marking pencil


drill bits

paint brush

finishing sanders

sand paper

newspaper for spray painting



wood for backing 1 ft by 1 ft and half

wood for shelves 1 inch cut into strips

nails attching 1 inch strips

spray paint


wall hangers for back to mount

Step 2: Cutting Your Wood

The main piece of wood is going to the back piece that will be against the wall. Mine was 1/4 thick wood 1 ft wide by a foot and a half long. I Used a ruler and pencil to mark it and a jig saw to cut it. I went slow and sanded it to be striaght. Then I had board of wood 1 inch thick that cut into strips 1 in tall. I cut these to the width of the back board which was a foot long. I used a hand saw to cut the dowels. the width is small enough so that a thread roll can slide on and off the then length was about 3 inches long.

Step 3: Drilling Nailing Sanding Painting

After everything is cut its time to drill holes for the wood dowels to go in. Drill these at an angle so that the thread spool pulls off not hitting the row above it. I was able to fit six dowels across and each row.

Then nail in each row of the shelving to the back wood you could also screw these in.

In front of each dowel i added a small nail to but the corisponding color of the bobbin under the thread spool.

Then sand all edges.

Add paint I used black spray paint.

Step 4: Sewing Tools/supplies

thread spools


thumb nail protector

marking pencil



sewing machine disc


reflective fabric

conductive thread

pin cushion

measuring tape

Step 5: Adding Supplies

I originally made this just for thread spools and bobbins but found out I can keep all my sewing tools and supplies on it. If I were to make it again i might make it a little bigger. I used wall mounts to mount it you could also screw threw it to mount. It's super conveniet and great for organizing your sewing stuff.

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    So awesome when everything has the proper place! I really need to build one of these, so badly. Thanks for sharing!