Wall-Stick Music Stand




Introduction: Wall-Stick Music Stand

Every time when you play your favorite instrument, you memorize the music,

Somebody will hold your music for you, or you bring a music stand.

It is frustrating to bring your music folder and a big, heavy metal music stand with you

to every audition, playing in cafe, etc.

So I made the Wall-Stick Music stand. This is a re-attachable folder that sticks on many surfaces and walls

using suction cups.

With this, you can just stick your music on a wall and play whatever you wish, and then peel it off when you're finished.

this will be a convinient tool for music players because you don't need to carry a heavy music stand with you to play the music.

. folder (anything that carries music)
. a suction cup ( I used the end of NERF gun bullets)
. a stitching needle and string ( or something strong that bonds the suction cup with the folder)

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Step 1: Suction Tube

Many people wonder where to get suction tubes.
I got it from the end of a nerf gun bullet!
If you're going to use the nerf gun bullet, cut off the end!
Other suction tubes will work for this project.

Step 2: Stitch or Connect the Suction Tube to the Folder

When you connect the suction tube to the folder, use a stitching needle to stitch it on the folder,
or use something strong to bond it.

Step 3: Done!

You're done with the project. You could customize your folder to make your own reattachable
wall-stick music stand!
For example, insert paper clips under the folder to insert you music!

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