Wall Hanging From Coasters




Introduction: Wall Hanging From Coasters

I got the idea for this instructable from an article in Craft Stamper Magazine by Lesley Wharton.

To make this you will need:

3 coasters
Distress ink
Flower punches or die
Leaf die or punch
Flower Stamp
Pens to colour the flower
Other stamps to decorate background
Letters (I die cut mine)
Jump rings
Embossing powder (optional)

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Step 1: Stamp, Colour and Cut Your Flower

Stamp your flower stamp onto some paper or sticky label and colour it in using your favourite colouring medium (I used copics) fussy cut around the outside and cut it into 3 pieces - see finished piece.

Step 2: Colour You Coasters

Using a glass mat or craft sheet (or any other non porous surface) lay down some of your distress ink and spray it with water.
Drag your coasters through the ink to cover them in colour, I did both sides of mine with mustard seed ink. Using an ink applicator or make up sponge go around the edge of each coaster with a darker ink, it doesnt have to be the same all the way round, some variety adds interest.

Step 3: Make Your Paper

Using the same method and some paper this time, drag the paper through the ink on your mat. The trick for the 2 colours, is to dry the paper before applying the 2nd colour. I used a heat gun to do this but you could (if you are patient) leave it to dry naturally. This is the paper you will use in the next step to create your flowers.
Tear a piece of paper from your old book and apply ink in the same manner, be careful if you are using thin pages as it may well tear when it is wet.

Step 4: Create Your Flowers and Leaves

Cut some flowers and leaves from the paper you just created and if you wish you can emboss them with embossing powder.

Glue your flowers together to form 3d ones - if you are not sure on this step, there are plenty of you tube videos out there for creating different 3d flowers.

Step 5: Create the Backgrounds for Each Tile

Using your masks, create the background of one of the tiles by applying gesso through the mask and let it dry. Make sure you clean the mask straight away. Once the gesso is dry , re apply the mask and use a sponge to dab some ink onto the gesso.

On one of the other tiles apply the book page to half of it and trim it down to fit.

Use other masks to add interest to the backgrounds.

Try using stamps without blocks (just hold the stamp sheet in your hand) to add some more interest. I used a Kaiser craft acrylic stamp with numbers for the bottom tile and another stamp with script on - just dont stamp the whole thing.

Using a leaf mask and some paint gives you the trailing leaves on the top tile.

Step 6: Assemble Your Wall Hanging

Using dimensional glue (like silicone glue) or adhesive sticky pads, place 1 piece of your flower on the top tile and glue the leaves between the flower and tile.

The other two pieces of flower can be glued flat or stuck down if you used sticky labels

Cut some letters from white card and colour using the same colour as your flower, or use matching colour sticky letters such as thickers or similar.

Glue on your flowers and leaves.

Make holes in each of the tiles and connect them together using jump rings.

Finally, create 2 holes in the top and thread a ribbon through to hang up your artwork, then step back and admire!

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