Introduction: Wall Mount IKEA SUNNAN

The IKEA SUNNAN is a great Solar powered desk Lamp, but lacks an important feature:


But this can be solved in some easy Steps.

Step 1: Open the Lamp and Remove the Weights.

Open the Lamp and remove the weights.

Step 2: Make Cut-outs to Remove the Solarpannel While Wallmounted

As the Lamp is built for desk usage, the Solarpannel/Battery unit cannot be removed for charging if the Lamp is mounted on a wall, thats why we cut out the case.

Mark the cout-out between the middle an the side with the battery contacts, so there is nothing in the way.

Use a Dremmel, Jigsaw, sahrp solid cutter or whatever you have at hand.

Step 3: Mount the SUNNAN to a Wall

Now you can mount the SUNNAN to a wall, put the screws to fix it to the wall in the cut-outs just made, or use some double-sided tape.



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    3 Discussions

    I have a broken sunnan... going to have to take it appart and find out whats wrong now...

    If you use a very thin strip of plastic looped under the solar cell/battery pack, you can easily pull it out to place it in the sun, then replace it.
    Otherwise, it's difficult to remove.

    I have that lamp but in red. I really like it. It is very bright!