Wall of Memories

Introduction: Wall of Memories

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That's a cool & easy way to organize a lot of photos. Are you ready to create your own wall of memories?

Step 1: Rope Holders

The idea is simple: to build a support using steel wire rope. In my project I bought:

  • 2 meters of steel rope, with diameter 3mm (5€)
  • 6 fasteners (3 €)
  • A bunch of little magnets from ebay (3 €)

I had already some thin steel wire, from an hardware store you can get it for 1-2 €.

First of all, decide the length of each rope holder. In my project, I made three pieces of 50cm and three pieces of 60cm. Prior to cutting the rope, put some electrical tape around the cut point: this will prevent the wire rope to unfold. Cut the rope using a plier.

To make a single holder, take a piece of steel rope, make and close it using the fastener. Fasten the nut (you can do it using only your hands) almost until possible. Take ~10cm of thin steel wire, slip one end and screw it around the rope. This will hide the tape, and add a nice decoration.

Step 2: Hammer Time

I've decided to hang the photos over my bed; the distance between the nails is 19 cm, slightly more than the usual photo width.

Step 3: Combine

Take your photos, and divide them by topic. Hang each one using a small magnet.

Step 4: Admire

(You'll notice that the rope are not perfectly straight. Well, I like it more this way. If you prefer you can easily put some weight to end of each rope.)

Take a pause to admire your work. Now it's time to think the new memories to add to your wall.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That turned out to be a great way to display your pictures!