Wall of Sound (well, Fence of Sound, Really)




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Wall of sound (well, fence of sound, really)

Our gardens have only wire-mesh fences, giving little privacy.  I didn’t like the idea of being able to look into next door’s garden while tending my plants, so I decided to put a screen up. 

Dropped next door a note telling them what I would be doing, and why (so they didn’t think I was being stand-offish). 

I punched holes into the disc – each hole had to be punched separately, so I had probs getting them more-or-less opposite each other, as can be seen from the pics!  But one can just turn the disc round a bit and try again.  No doubt a two-pronged punch would be much better, if one could arrange the holes the right distance.

I used plastic-covered wire to link the discs; that was all I had to hand.  I tied the CDs in strips – easier to hang along the top of the fence – they’d have sagged in the middle if I’d tried stringing them in rows from side to side.

I tied each strip top and bottom to the fence – if it’d tied them a bit looser they’d have moved a bit in the breeze and I’d have had more or a rainbow.

All very basic, not very well done, but it was my first try with what equipment I had to hand.  Maybe I’ll add more screens to the other fences later.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, I was wondering, it has been eight months since you first posted this. How has it handled the weather in all this time?

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Trod

    it's doing fine! i linked the discs with twists of plastic-coated wire, and the same to tie the strips to the fence, top and bottom. If i'd used twine, it might be showing signs of wear by now!

    Doesnt feel like eight months ago!


    thanks. basic principle could be used in lots of different ways: wall hanging indoors or out, door screen, privacy panels anywhere in a garden - could have two glued together and then linked to give reflective surface on both sides - I'm trying to find a way to cut them so that i can slot one into another at right angles for a mobile.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I really don't know! this part of my garden is six feel "long" so not much flying space for birds to find out. lol do an esperiement, make a couple of panels and hang them in various palces, see what theb irds do?