Wall Pillow Barrier



Introduction: Wall Pillow Barrier

protect yourself and your children from the cold walls during sleep with this simple bed size pillow

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Step 1: Measure and Cut

take the cloth and cut it to be your bed's long and 70 cm wide

fold it to be your bed's long and 35 cm width then sew the two ends

Step 2: Stuffing

  1. stuff with quite fiber so it is not over stuffed or too loose.. we need it to be a cold barrier and not a pillow to sleep on
  2. organize the stuffing and sew the width every 40 cm in order not to let the fiber move inside the pillow and also to make sure it is equal in all areas
  3. then close the pillow
  4. finally you can add a horizontal sewing to control more the fiber

    you can attach it to wall directly by adding Velcro to pillow and wall, add ribbons to be tightened to the bed, or just push between the wall and bed

    Now you can say GOODBYE for the cold wall ;)
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