Wallet Key Card: From Scratch

Introduction: Wallet Key Card: From Scratch

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Hey guys, so I had this idea when I was trying to find my keys and this guy next to me pulled out his keys from his wallet. I thought that was stupid because if someone steals your wallet then they also steal your keys. So I decided to make a wallet for your keys (stupid ideas die hard).

Step 1: Materials

Ok, the first thing you need to do is gather your materials. You're going to need the following:

- A Hot Glue Gun

- A few Hot Glue Sticks

- A Pair of Scissors

- Guerrilla Duct Tape

- Carpenter's tape

- A Pen

- A Ruler

- and A Large Sheet of Cardboard

Step 2: First Things First

Tip: Before you do anything, plug in your hot glue gun. It does no good to go through this instructable just to get to the part with the hot glue gun, plug it in, leave and wait for it to charge, then come back two hours later with no idea on what you were doing.

First: Take your cardboard, ruler, pen, and one key.

Place your key in the corner of the cardboard.

Take the ruler and pen and draw a rectangle around it about half an inch wide.

Now draw a border around the rectangle about an inch.

Step 3: Second

Take your scissors and cut off the large rectangle.

Now cut off the border.

Step 4: Third

Place the border on top of the rectangle like shown above.

Tape the border onto the rectangle.

Now cut off the edges like so.

Step 5: Remember the Hot Glue?

Now's the time to go and check on the hot glue. You'll see above one of the uses for mis3dprinted plastic I have (I will be making an instructable for that later).

Glue the corners and the inside like shown above.

Step 6: Fifth

Grab your pen, scissors, and cardboard.

Now put the final product of step 4 onto another corner of the big cardboard sheet.

Next, trace the large rectangle onto the sheet like shown above.

Step 7: Sixth

Cut out the traced rectangle from the sheet of cardboard.

Step 8: Seventh

Hot glue the second rectangle to the border like shown above.

Step 9: Eighth

Now this technique I like to call glue weaving. (you may have used it before)

Take the hot glue gun and start filling in a wall on one of the long sides of the form.

The result should be a small barrier of cool glue.

Step 10: Decorate

Take your favorite colored duct tape or markers or whatever and start decorating it.

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