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About: I grew up with Legos so I became a natural builder. I like working with my hands and building stuff. I hope that would take me somewhere because that is what I really enjoy.

Want to really impress your Bride to be, with something more interesting than those boring ol' ring boxes that the diamond store hands you? Well go ahead and do yourself a favor by making this discreet and slick ring box!

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Step 1: Inspiration

Okay, This is unfortunately not my original idea. I stumbled upon this on Pinterest sometime ago, and thought in my head, "I need to make one of these!" (these are also pretty expensive, if you were to buy one.) So when the time was getting closer I started to formulate in my head how to do this. After staring at photos of this product and luckily finding a few videos of how it works, I believe I have a solution.

Materials: (which I used, but can ultimately be substitued if needed)

-Thin sheet of Wood

-Wood glue

-Fancy Paper (strong, durable)

-Leather material (Faux or vinyl)


-Squeeze clamps


-exacto knife


-band saw/jigsaw

Step 2: Start With Wood

Depending how big/small you want this to be is up to you. I used 1/8 thin by 4 inches wide.

I cut 4 pieces at 4 inches each, to get 4 inch squares.

Step 3: Glue Wood

..And paper.

Glue two sheets of the 4in square sheets together to get 2 thicker sheets, (alternate grain directions to get a stronger piece).

After these pieces are dried, glue a sheet of your fancy paper to the back of them. Holding them together, like a book. (Refer to picture 2 and 3).

Step 4: Hollowing It Out

Once the glue has dried from step 3. You will need to figure out the shape of the hole in which you will be making. Start by drawing pattern on the oustide, (make sure this is on the FOLDED end).

Are you satisfied? Good. Start cutting out your shape with whatever tool you like. I prefer a jigsaw, as they can make tight turns that are great for circles. Bandsaws also work well, but also a powerful tool for such a delecate project. Sand if needed!

Step 5: Add a Third Layer of Wood

In this step, I forgot to take a picture. So the one above is as close as I can get it. you will need to repeat somewhat of step 3. In the folding "book" with the hole you cut out, you well then need to add another layer of paper and wood to the outside.

Step 6: Upholster the Box

After the glue has dried. You will want to cover the box in some material to make it look pretty! I used Faux leather, as it makes the look with out making my wallet sad. First you will cut it down to size, roughly outside the box, leaving a 1/2 inch border. Then fold the box closed, this is so it puts a fold in the fabric, so it is not interupted when closing or opening the box. You will then work your way around the the rest of the box, glue every side, Cutting off excess material.

Sorry for lack of pictures!

Step 7: Origami Ring Holder

Now, I will try and show you how to make the ring holder. This was the hardest part to figure out, but I believe I got it pretty close to the original. I have made a template you can use to help you what shape to cut and where to fold. Update: I have now included many many photos, showing step by step instruction on making the ring mechanism. I used larger scale paper to show this, so you will have to figure out your own size. As every ring and every box will differ. This is something you have practice several times to get the shape and mechanism to work correctly. Once you get these the way you want them, you will then glue the end flaps on the turning mechanism to the inside of the box

I hope the pictures help.

Step 8: The Final Piece

now, you have your Origami RIng Holder majig finished. You will now need to glue it to the inside of the box. Once you have it lined up properly, dab it with some super glue, and your done!

Step 9: Pop the Question

Show case what you have made to your future bride! I am sure she will over look box at fisrt, because all she will see is the ring!

Good luck!

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12 Discussions


1 year ago on Step 7

Could you add some measurements please


3 years ago

did your girlfriend say yes? haha no worries about no owning the idea aslong as you credited the oringinal... reverse engineering is a huge part of learn!

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago

Indeed she did, getting married this August!


Reply 3 years ago

Oh Congrats! Wish you two happily ever after! Its so so so sweet!


3 years ago

Can you enhance the origami schematic? Did you cut anything? what piece did you paste to the box? how did you fold it? These are questions that need to be answered in order for this instructable to be of any use.

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

I made folds on each of the colored lines shown in the diagram above. if you make the folds precisely where I did, you will be able to come up with the folded shape I have shown in the following picture. I did not cut anything, other than the shape of the two pieces. If this does not help explain it, Perhaps I will need add some extra instructions.


3 years ago

Hello, Could you explain the origami schematic? where did you cut? where did you glue? Thank you

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

I did not cut anything, other than the shape that those two pieces are in shown above. I made folds on each of the colored lines. Each color represents a different section of the mechanism. I glued the area where the red line is.


3 years ago

Really love the idea. But I have some problems with the origami part. Is it possible to get a better instruction like first fold this then that and so on.