Wallet SD Card Holder - 3D Printed



About: 2+2=4


You need

3D printed parts on Thingverse
A4 Foil - binding cover
Double sided tape
A pen, a ruler, scissors and a lot of patience

Step 1: Make a Template

Make a template and segregate the cards accordingly A-D

Step 2: Cut the Foil, With Me 77mm

Cut the foil, with me 77mm

Step 3: Make Cover Part 1

Draw a continuous line with a pen, leading the pen on the card, cut the excess

Step 4: Make Cover Part 2

On the previously made lines, fold as shown in the picture, glue using double-sided tape

Step 5: Important

Take off and bend the edges from the top so that the cards do not fall out

Step 6: End




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