Wallflowers (Plastic Bag Hanging Flowers)




Reuse plastic grocery bags to make modular flowers to accent your indoor environment. Simple and elegant - wallfowers utilize the overabundant plastic bag.
More pics :
website here

Step 1: Tools/Materials

You will need
1. Plastic bags ( any number, size, thickness)
2. Mini glue gun with multiple heat settings
3. Scissors
3. Marker (preferably dry erase)

Step 2: Cut and Open

Start with has many plastic bags as you like, you can make one flower from multiple bags or vice versa.
Cut off all handles of plastic bag(s).
Cut along bottom seam and one side seam.
Open and lay flat to create a flat square(s) (or rectangle(s)) to work with.

Step 3: Crease and Cut

Fold bag and cut freestyle a traditional petal shape along crease. Cutting on crease creates a symmetric shape.
Try different sizes and shapes. From big fat teardrop styles to slender petals.
Also, pay attention to the pattern/text on the part of the bag you are cutting out to create interesting flower designs.
This petal will serve as the pattern for the remaining 4 petals of one flower.

Step 4: Duplicate Petals

Place previously cut petal pattern on top of another plastic bag piece. Either use the same bag for one flower, or mix and match petals from multiple bags.
Use marker to mark dashes outlining one half of petal pattern from point to base. (Dry erase marker is best for this, so marks can be rubbed off after.)
Fold plastic under at point and base of marked dashes, creating a crease down center of new petal.
Cut following middle of dash marks as closely as possible creating a duplicate petal.
Rub off marker with finger or cloth.
Repeat, resulting in five petals total (including original pattern petal).

Step 5: Glue Base of Wallflower

Turn mini glue gun on to LOW heat setting (otherwise you will melt right through the plastic).
Decide which sides of the plastic will be the front and back of the flower. The back being the part of the flower that would show if these guys could close up, the front being the face of the flower.
Place two petals back to back, assuring that the bases and the points are aligned.
Place a small dot of glue just off-center at the base of the two starter petals.
Press the petals together as glue solidifies. Use a very small dot of hot glue to start, as the hot glue can get very unmanageable very fast, and too much will burn through the plastic to your fingers!
Continue until all 5 petals are glued together JUST at the bases, creating the pistil of the flower.

Step 6: Create Shape of Wallflower

Continue placing small dots along the edges of petals, further adhering the back edges of petals together, working your way towards the points of petals.
How far along the petal toward the points you progress will determine the shape of the flower (ie how "open" or "closed" it is).
When the desired shape is reached, if you are left with a visible hole in the center, secure what would be the pistil of the flower with 1-3 dots of glue in the center of all 5 petal bases.
Be sure to hold until glue solidifies.

Step 7: Repeat and Create Arrangments

Repeat creating all sizes, shapes and colors.
Attach multiple flowers directly to fixtures, to each other, to string, strips of plastic bags.......
Hang, cluster, scatter.



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    Question 11 months ago

    Could you make smaller flowers out of this? Like, ones that would fit between your fingers?


    9 years ago on Step 5

     This is so cool! I am doing a project for school and this really saved my skin!!

    Thank you!!

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 5

    great! You should document and post pics somewhere :)  I'd love to see how they come out.

    J@50ncrazy jam

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     Target, bestbuy, michaels, joannes, CVS, cost-co, Cost plus, Sams, AND ON AND ON!!!!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I live in nyc so the selection was pretty diverse. Though don't go shopping just to get the bags - completely defeats the purpose :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Oooohh .. I have been looking for this. Great instructable!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable, cute rainy day project for kids! And I always love to see people finding new ways to reuse all those plastic bags!